The essence, or soul if you prefer, of a person is defined by the past, the present, and perhaps most importantly, the future.

Katie's past is that of a formative childhood and early adult life spent in rural Southern Virginia.

Raised in a large and loving family within the unshakable frameworks of responsibility, respect, morality, and music, Katie was set on a path of caring for and about others, while deeping and broadening her knowledge of music and building upon her natural talents and abilities. Her performances in church and in local groups kept her ever-growing passion fed while she embarked on a career path of early childhood education, with a focus on those with special needs, especially the misunderstood and often overlooked children with autism.

Katie’s strong vocal influences were defined and refined in the small town bluegrass group, “Homegrown Bluegrass.” Her dear friends in the group helped her gain confidence and comfort on stage and in front of crowds.

Katie was presented with the opportunity to relocate to Nashville in the Fall of 2017, and her passion to be immersed in the musical environment and culture of the Music City tugged at the strong bounds of her Virginia roots.

Roots are pliable and resilient, and Katie remains committed and attached to the causes for the children who will always own a piece of heart and her soul.

Families Embracing Autism Together (FEAT) is an organization in South Hill, Virginia with which Katie remains affiliated. She continues to support their efforts by expressing her love for and pride in the amazing students who she has had the honor to meet and teach.

Katie is presently deepening her knowledge of music, production, recording, and entertainment as she chronicles the stories of herself and of the people forever dear to her in her beautiful songs.

She is herself an insatiable student, and her future - the final chapter yet to be written in this story - is blindingly bright.

Katie's Favorite Performances

  • VFMA Festival, Female Vocalist 2014

  • Amelia Bluegrass Festival(s)

  • Recording vocals on Steve Thomas' ablum, cover of Bob Dylan's "Serve Somebody" 

  • Bluegrass Wednesday Nights, Nashville, TN

  • Fly In Festival, Huntington, WV

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