I'm really not sure where to begin, so I'm learning. I'm looking. Just feeling it out, to see how I feel, if I want to continue, and having somewhat of a plan but not too much of one... not making sense? That's okay too.

I finally realized that I wanted a place to write down things and share them with the world. My fears, dreams, struggles, hopes, accomplishments, failures, adventures... all of it. With that, I also realized that I can't think about what "people will think." If you want to read, read. If not, it's all good.

I was recently reminded that there is enough space for everyone. There's enough love, kindness, and creativity for all. In my line of work, there is quite a bit of room for creativity - but when I still need an outlet, I usually write songs and journal and take photos.

So I'm taking the plunge, and sharing some of my favorite things, lessons I'm learning, and more - and I hope it encourages you to take a dive into something you're not familiar with, and just try it.

Cheers to a new journey, and to making each moment matter this season.

Much love,


I'm a huge fan of playlists - many times I ask Siri to play my favorite individual song, but something about having favorites on a playlist makes it so easy and enjoyable. For instance, while making these cookie cake pops, we definitely needed our holiday playlist ready to go so we could be hands-free!

There are many, many favorites here (and more to be added), but I wanted to highlight a few and the significant memories they bring each time I listen.

When Christmas Comes to Town

From the moment the first note hits, I'm surrounded by The Polar Express, memories of snow and sitting on the couch watching the movie with my family. It makes me want a cup of hot chocolate and a snowy day!

I'll Be Home for Christmas - Kenny G

Honestly, all of these Kenny G's are SOLID. Call me crazy, but something about the soothing sound of the sax makes me want to cozy up by the Christmas tree and light some candles while thinking about the many gifts I've been given and sweet moments I have to be thankful for.

Christmas Makes Me Cry

Let's be real. I cry. A LOT. Like, more than a lot. Especially around the holidays. This song is that strong, silent goodness that lets you feel your feelings and still feel like you're in the holiday spirit.

White Christmas

Classic. Come on, you've gotta have some Bing on your playlist. I will never forget watching Holiday Inn with my family (mostly my two sisters and my mom) - and this song brings out all of the holiday goodness while I'm cooking or cleaning.

I'll Be Home for Christmas - Josh Groban

Two of my brothers were/are in the military, we've all been separated during the holidays at different times and seasons... holidays are so much more difficult as adults, I say. Listening to this song was especially difficult when my brother(s) were away, but now it rings differently for me. Now it reminds me to hold tight to the sweet, precious moments that we did get to read the Christmas story together, unwrap gifts, pick on each other, eat cinnamon rolls, and play in the snow. There was so much going on that I never realized I would long for in twenty years - but here I am, wanting it all and also creating new traditions and special memories with my new family.

Cheers to you and yours during this season, and I hope this playlist helps you reminisce and create your own special moments - whether you're spending time alone or with friends and family.

Much love,


Alright. I want you to know, I've been getting my nails done with the dip powder for about a year now.

When I saw what my nails looked like underneath all of that powder, I realized it was time for a break. Do your nails break easily? Look like you are about 106? Like they need a gallon of water each just to get hydrated again? Yeah, that was me.

Welcome Expressie from Essie. (They didn't add, "for the messy girls out there who aren't good at painting their nails.")

I purchased the "cold brew" color because I thought it looked similar to an amber-colored polish I had seen on The Everygirl.

The formula is super easy/user-friendly, and dries so quickly (that's the idea behind the new formula). I put it on again last night before I ran out to go to a football game, and it dried in about a minute and a half! And as you can see in the photo... I was definitely in a hurry and didn't get all of the edges!

If you're in the in-between, need a fresh color, or you're in a hurry, try this out. I can't wait to get more colors!

Click below to purchase on Amazon (you can also find it at your local drugstore/Target/all the things).

Which color is your go-to for fall?

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