Alright. I want you to know, I've been getting my nails done with the dip powder for about a year now.

When I saw what my nails looked like underneath all of that powder, I realized it was time for a break. Do your nails break easily? Look like you are about 106? Like they need a gallon of water each just to get hydrated again? Yeah, that was me.

Welcome Expressie from Essie. (They didn't add, "for the messy girls out there who aren't good at painting their nails.")

I purchased the "cold brew" color because I thought it looked similar to an amber-colored polish I had seen on The Everygirl.

The formula is super easy/user-friendly, and dries so quickly (that's the idea behind the new formula). I put it on again last night before I ran out to go to a football game, and it dried in about a minute and a half! And as you can see in the photo... I was definitely in a hurry and didn't get all of the edges!

If you're in the in-between, need a fresh color, or you're in a hurry, try this out. I can't wait to get more colors!

Click below to purchase on Amazon (you can also find it at your local drugstore/Target/all the things).

Which color is your go-to for fall?

After three years of living in Nash, my friend and I finally set a date to visit Chaatable - one of the spots we've been drooling over since it opened almost two years ago.

I'm only going to say this once (jk, I'll probably say it a million times in this post): Stop. Everything. And. GO. Your COVID "RBF" will go away as soon as you take a sip of their craft cocktails.

If you've been putting off visiting the newer spots in town, put on something other than yoga pants (or don't) and make your way over to Charlotte Avenue to get the best Indian street food in town.

Maneet Chauhan has been one of my idols for years, and when I walked into Chaatable, I felt like I had found my new best friend. The vibrant, colorful atmosphere was full of the flair and sparkle I remember from my visit to India. She incorporated the best street flair, fabrics, and patterns to transport me back to that place.

In the COVID-19 era, we were required to wear face masks while walking to the table, but could remove them once seated. All tables were distanced (see the sign above blocking guests from sitting there), and the space was immaculately clean.

Do you see that wall of bangles? SO CUTE.

We had paper menus - but you could download a menu from their QR code. I knew right away I was going to order thali - but choosing which incredibly curry/meat combo to order was the real question! My friend and I ended up ordering two different combos and sharing so we could taste as much as possible.

Every. Single. Bite. was worth the wait. We couldn't get over the explosion of flavors! I love following along with @chaatable so I can keep up with the current feature of the day. Resting Beach Face cocktail pictured above!

From $5 - $25, I will definitely be going back for happy hour, dinner with friends, and you can even get meals-to-go!

If you haven't heard of Maneet, check out her other restaurants here.

Overall thoughts on this Nashville spot:

Location & Parking: Easy, able to park in nearby lot and walk, right off Charlotte Avenue

Atmosphere: Friendly, colorful, inviting, authentic

Service: Kind, helpful, accurate, timely

Drinks: Unique, spicy and sweet, we laughed at the carefully-crafted names!

Food: Makes you say "mmm" with every bite (not an exaggeration)

Price: Something for everyone - $25 thali is shareable in size, apps from $6!

Have you been to Chaatable, Chauhan's Masala and Ale House, Mockingbird, or others? Share your thoughts below!

Bye, ya'll.

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