Expressie for Messy Girls Like Me

Alright. I want you to know, I've been getting my nails done with the dip powder for about a year now.

When I saw what my nails looked like underneath all of that powder, I realized it was time for a break. Do your nails break easily? Look like you are about 106? Like they need a gallon of water each just to get hydrated again? Yeah, that was me.

Welcome Expressie from Essie. (They didn't add, "for the messy girls out there who aren't good at painting their nails.")

I purchased the "cold brew" color because I thought it looked similar to an amber-colored polish I had seen on The Everygirl.

The formula is super easy/user-friendly, and dries so quickly (that's the idea behind the new formula). I put it on again last night before I ran out to go to a football game, and it dried in about a minute and a half! And as you can see in the photo... I was definitely in a hurry and didn't get all of the edges!

If you're in the in-between, need a fresh color, or you're in a hurry, try this out. I can't wait to get more colors!

Click below to purchase on Amazon (you can also find it at your local drugstore/Target/all the things).

Which color is your go-to for fall?

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