Lookin' Around

I'm really not sure where to begin, so I'm learning. I'm looking. Just feeling it out, to see how I feel, if I want to continue, and having somewhat of a plan but not too much of one... not making sense? That's okay too.

I finally realized that I wanted a place to write down things and share them with the world. My fears, dreams, struggles, hopes, accomplishments, failures, adventures... all of it. With that, I also realized that I can't think about what "people will think." If you want to read, read. If not, it's all good.

I was recently reminded that there is enough space for everyone. There's enough love, kindness, and creativity for all. In my line of work, there is quite a bit of room for creativity - but when I still need an outlet, I usually write songs and journal and take photos.

So I'm taking the plunge, and sharing some of my favorite things, lessons I'm learning, and more - and I hope it encourages you to take a dive into something you're not familiar with, and just try it.

Cheers to a new journey, and to making each moment matter this season.

Much love,


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